Oversized Studio is upcycling brand created in 2018 in Kyiv. Its founder and designer is Olga Boncheva. Every person who is a part of Oversized knows her love to unusual and rare clothes.

The idea of creating own clothing brand came to her while she was working as a stylist. She couldn’t find exactly what she desired and vintage corners was a good decision to solve this problem. At first she brought clothes for shootings in its original form, and then she decided to change it herself and create something totally new.

“We understand our active role in changing the way fashion is currently made. We aim at the development of products truly sustainable, affordable, innovative and creative, that is why each collection has a limited number of products. All things are made of vintage suits, jackets, pants or shirts that are collected around the world: in outlets, or in second-hand stores. Each product is disassembled and reassembled. Always unique and special”, – Olga said.

Our values consist of 2 main R:
Re-Thinking what promotes a new way of thinking on how and why we should start any design process.
Re-Designing, the goal of what is that any previous design can surely shine again The brand’s motto is “Unnecessary becomes desirable”.
Each product is disassembled and reassembled. Always unique. Always special. Therefore, all our items are created in a single copy and every collection is in limited number. We push people for buying quality, but not quantity. And it creates our identity!

Our bestsellers are suits and shirt ODD, which is our symbol in some way, creating from many many men’s shirts. And costume it was what we put as a base for brand Oversized. Every suit is totally redesigned saving only an idea of being masculine and feeling free and confident wearing it.